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October Monthly Contest - Colour - Wow









DAM Happily Wet alpha



ft_ribbon1 Viva Las Vegas

font Champagne and Limousines

anodyne freebie brush from internet

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I am a super duper fan of black and bright colors. Your's is wowonderful. I like the stamp effect because it almost look like a postcard.

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Wow is right! That must have been a wonderful sight to see. I love the night-black background with the brights. Super spectacular! Love your embellies as always.

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Oh, my goodness, Jode - what a wonderful splash of color your layout is! I love the bright neon hues against the dark sky and how you extended the sparkles beyond the photos.

I also really like how you framed them in the postage stamps and the swirls and ribbon you used - beautiful movement and color on a page! :)

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Now that's some colorful buildings! I love the dark background. It makes the colors pop even more!

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This is such a fascinating page - I had to stop and study it. Wonderful display of the photos against the black bg and the glitter, swirls and glowing dots really add great pizazz. This makes it ALL a stunning page.

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That certainly is a colorful building! Nice photos. I love the black background to show them off and the pretty sparklies you added.

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