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Ro's NL Challenge_10/15

Ro's NL Challenge_10/15

Yay! A brush challenge has to be my favorite kind! Thanks for the fun challenge, Ro! The whole LO, other than the picture and a SS Template, is made from brushes. I turned that camera brush into a sticker with Sarah B's fun Photo Border Style, which I heard about in a chat. I hope it looks "stuck down," like a sticker would.

I like this picture of my youngest son after the recent wedding. I need to do another LO with this picture,though, since the poor SIL is carrying a camera bag, a Nintendo DS bag and a diaper bag, and DD packs them all to the max. He's also carrying a heavy infant seat with Maeve in it, hidden behind him. Good thing he's a big guy, LOL (and a good one, too!)


    Beautiful work with the swirls, and I really like the borders at the top and bottom. That's one of my fav brush sets!
    Cute photo Dot! I like the whole red, white and black camera theme. Your embellishments are layed out perfectly. Great brushwork! Wonderful layout!
    Great page. I love the black and red.
    Awesome page, Dot! Love the camera theme you used and I got a big chuckle out of your journaling........what fun! Great brushwork, as always - you do the MOST SPECIAL layouts and I always love seeing them!
    Oh how neat!! I love the black and 'off'-white look you used on this LO. It made it really different. And the touches of vibrant red. Really nice job with this layout, Dot!
    Love this... it caught my eye right away and I love those colours together. Nice to see another family shot after seeing that wonderful one of your daughter just after having the baby and looking fabulous in her bridesmaid dress... :-) Your brushwork is super and your sticker looks just right - well done! :-)
    I like how dimensional your swirls and the filmstrips are.