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Cake Challenge: Ali & the Leaves!

Cake Challenge: Ali & the Leaves!

My cake ingredients are:

Chocolate Cake/Patterned Paper --- STI Fall Watercolor Papers-Leaves
White Cake/Solid Paper --- STI Fall Watercolor Paper Mini - Solids
Raspberry Filling/Bracket ---- KSC Vibrant Collection
Glaze/7 Photos -- (Taken by my Cousin)
Shell Border/Paper Clip --- SG December 2010 Collection
White Chocolate/String --- ABR Batter Up Collection
Sprinkles/Buttons --- ABR Batter Up Collection
ABR SS Emb Stack Them 4

Whew.. In right under-the-wire! This was fun :)

    This is so super cute! Your background is beautiful and your pictures are adorable!
    The colors are lovely. The background is really lbeautiful. I like the photos, they are so cute. I think the way you did your bracket is very clever.
    Adorable pictures! Beautiful fall colors on this layout.
    Wow - this is really beautiful. Ali is adorable. Your blending and use of color is fantastic.
    Adorable photos! I like how you arranged them, too; that's always difficult for me. I love your vibrant fall colors and the lovely blending. This came together beautifully!
    Very pretty!
    Cute pictures - I love the one in the center with so much expression!
    Pretty cluster of photos, and lovely colors!
    This turned out to be quite the cake -- fantastic job!
    Oh, she's such a cutie!