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Mess or Masterpiece Layout


I'm not saying. Some nutty elf must have done it. I'll never know.

Mess or Masterpiece Layout

What I want to know is who did this to me?


    Very funny, Ro!
    lol - I love it!
    Well I love the title with the little blocks ! Cool topography paper!
    Turned out pretty good Ro!
    Oh, how funny Ro - I just couldn't wait to see the pic of the pool on the tree and it didn't disappoint! :)
    I like what you did with your papers.
    I like how the papers work together after all! and you've made up a cool story!
    well I think the papers worked out well and that pool in the tree photo is hilarious. Um...I think you did it to you....(ducking)
    I love the stitching, swirls and alphas. Great fun.
    Great page Ro. It holds together so well and is just surreal enough to be a nightmare!
    How fun!