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HAPPY 7th Scrap Girls!! Im so glad I found you!! ♥ --

This was a progressive scrap:

  • BMU_DynBrush_BGBlenders
  • BMU_SSTools_MegaLift I Squared
  • BMU_LaDiDa_String-Teal
  • BMU_LaDiDa_Bow-Green
  • BMU_BSweet_EMB_CakeSlice
  • VRA_MonAmi_Paper-Purple
  • ACA_GirlyGirl_12x12_PinkFloralSpots
  • VRA_MonAmi_Paper-Purple
  • BMU_BSweet_EMB_Circle-Bead-Green
  • BMU_BSweet_EMB_Confetti-Pink
  • BMU_BSweet_WA_HappyBirthday-HotPink
  • BMU_BSweet_EMB_Bead-Green
  • BMU_BSweet_EMB_Candle-Green/Teal/White/Pink/Yellow
  • BMU_BSweet_EMB_Flower-Teal
  • BMU_BSweet_EMB_Frame-Torn
  • BMU_LaDiDa_Bow-Green
  • ABR_WWishes_Alpha-7

    Fun page! Thanks for joining the progressive scrap. We're glad you are here celebrating with us!
    Jo this is lovely!
    OOOOhhhhhh! AAAaaaawwwwhhh! I adore this. How simply sweet!
    Great idea to make a Happy Anniversary page for Scrapgirls! I looks festive and fun. Love that purple!
    Oh, I love this page! So cheerful and colorful and full of fun. Just like ScrapGirls! :)
    What a nice thing to do! Love that birthday cake!
    What a fun, fun card! Love the bright colors and the yummy looking cake.
    How in the world did I miss this! Jo it is fabulous! What a blessing you are to Scrap Girls! This is so sweet and so pretty.