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Scraptlifting Chat Challenge

Scraptlifting Chat Challenge

UHO_DamaskNameplate_SSEmbTemp 1 and 2

CKA_BohemianRhapsody_Emb1 altered by me

Inspired and scraplifted from LCO_CheriThieleke_Iris

Photographs mine

Font: English


    How neat, that's the one I scraplifted, too! This has a lovely, icy feel to it. Cute touch to put another photo in the nameplate.
    Beautiful photos! Love your take on the scraplift! I agree with AggieB, great idea to put a photo in the nameplate with the date!
    Perfect wintery page! I noticed the extra photo inside the nameplate to, very neat touch! Thanks for chatting with us and doing the scraplift challenge! :)
    What a wintery LO. I got a chill just looking at it! I like the blue with the white/metallic/grey. Great lift of Cheri's page...in different format! Great job, Olivia!
    Thank You very much. I can't take credit for the nameplate idea....I saw someone recently do one in the gallery and I tried it too.
    Olivia, your photos are really lovely and I love the color of the layout. Beautiful.
    What gorgeous photos! I love the beauty of the ice, but not the distruction! You did a fabulous job making this your own layout!
    Olivia this came out so great! Your photos are wonderful and I love the way you used one as a background.
    This is great, Olivia! The ice is so beautiful. Well done.