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Friday Customer Challenge_10/21

Friday Customer Challenge_10/21

LOL, it was my own challenge and I was so busy with Anniversary Week and work that I just got to it!

My first purchases as a Scrap Girl were Durin's beautiful Faded Memories and Amanda's lovely Nostalgia. I was so glad to be reminded of these!

Here's Maeve with Ed....she is our "petite" girl. 9-5 and 20" at birth, which puts her a full pound and 2 inches behind her brothers, who were born 10 1/2 and 22"! Now that she's twice as old, her cheeks are twice that size- LOL. She slept through the entire wedding and reception, with all that loud noise. Can't wait to scrap a recent pic of her smiling now!

    Nice layout Dot! I love the photo, and your journaling is wonderful. Great embellishments too. Thanks for providing us with a great challenge!
    Poppy looks so proud! And she looks so tiny in his arms! Beautiful job with your challenge!
    Oh, oh, oh, Dot! What a loving picture of Poppy and the new sweet granddaughter! I love that sweet photo and your layout is fabulous! Beautiful work with your challenge - precious memory!
    What a great photo of Poppy and the Maeve! I like all the brush work and embellishments. A special page of a very special event!
    Oh, Dot - what a super - special layout! I love how Maeve looks nestled in her Poppy's arms (actually, I thought she looked so tiny!)
    And, I love your mask and blending of that gorgeous photo... I also really like your brushwork and the photo's background - and your embellishments and journaling -----
    I think I like EVERYTHING about this page! :)
    Ed looks very comfortable holding Maeve -- and she looks happily content to be held. A match made in heaven! The background and mask look great. The flowers make a lovely embellishment for this special page. Everything came together beautifully!
    This page is outstanding. I love all the elements you brought together for this. I keep finding more as I continue to view it. This goes into favs!
    love the photo and bokah and the scratches---really great LO! (my oldest daughter was a pound over her brothers too--now she is the tiniest (at 27).
    Oh Dot, my little one was 11pounds 6oz and he looked tiny too - except next to other babies!! And isn't it true the younger siblings sleep better!?! Love all the hair too!! These collections are so gorgeous for this photo - the blue works so well with your husband, and the grunge - although not most peoples choice for a baby (especially a girl!) - is right up my alley. Love your work! Must get to that challenge when I finish the freebie one - will be interesting to see what I first bought too!
    I think this is such a beautiful photo. I love it. Love the way you scrapped it. The grunge look is really lovely. Great title.