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10 months

10 months

It had almost been 10 months to the date from my weight loss journey start when this photo was taken. The Midwest get together was the motivation I needed to hit my 100lb mark.

Item included in layout from

A New Me Collection and Fitness Collection Biggie

    Angie, this is just amazing! What a transformation!
    You guys are awesome! You look fabulous, and I love you all.
    Fantastic layout, Angie! You look AH-MA-ZING!!! I can't wait to see how the three of you will look come April :)
    It's funny cos I was looking from photo to photo and I thought they ALL look incredible - then I read your journalling... You are all doing so wonderfully well and it shows, trust me! Awesome job and what a cute page to show it all off. Congrats to you!
    WOW WOW WOW - you all look great!
    Just saw this on FB and just want to repeat what I posted there - WOW! WOW! WOW! What an inspiration you are and you look fabulous - we will be calling you skinny mini - actually, skinny mini fits now! Awesome and congratulations to you! You look absolutely beautiful and I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you - you have worked so hard to get here and it's been wonderful seeing the changes in you - just WOW!

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    The three of you look amazing - support is wonderful and I think the three of you deserve an award - you've done it! Go Sandi, Conda and Angie!

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    Truly AWESOME....you look FANTASTIC!! Congratulations :breakdance: :breakdance:
    as the teenagers of today say...OMG!!!! you all look AMAZING, and can sure be proud of yourselves... well done to you all... you look sensational
    I can't wait to see what our group photo in April will look like! You started it off and Conda and I are following your lead. The best part of it is, we're doing it together. Great LO and journaling!
    Oh boy, another fabulous ‘marker’ layout; and this one includes the great jobs Sandi and Conda have done, too. Phenomenal, girls—what an inspiration you all are! I can just see the smiles on your faces as you look at this photo and layout. A big CONGRATS to you all!!! What a tremendous job you have done!

    And Angie, thank you for sharing the wonderful story with us. Your journaling just ‘makes’ this page—well . . . along with the remarkable transformations in the photos!