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Family Bonding

Family Bonding

A little family bonding time with Colby and I...lol

Item included in layout from

A New Me Collection and Fitness Collection Biggie

    Great photo!! Love the journaling.
    This is another wonderful page. Nothing looks better than a smile, especially one based on pride in yourself. I thought your son had lost some weight - what a great family effort! This is a terrific photo - it says so much and those smiles are priceless.
    As for the layout - love it. L-O-V-E it! Love hte way you have used the backing papers at different degrees of reveal, the stamping and the little flowers... just gorgeous. And the star - cos you are both stars!
    You are such an inspiration, Angie! I agree with Jode - those smiles are priceless! I can't get over your dedication and you have accomplished so much. Wonderful page - skinny mini! I think you are beautiful!
    You certainly are an inspiration and love that photo :)
    just awesome Angie..you look amazing and Iove this photo, keep up the good work, all of you
    Angie, how I love these ‘marker’ layouts that capture your family’s pathway to a life of health and happiness. And this one is just so darn sweet of the two of you. I can just hear him come up with that idea!

    I smiled when I saw this in the gallery this morning since you had just come to mind yesterday. I hadn’t ‘talked’ to you in a while nor had I seen a LO lately, so I was thinking about ‘reaching out’ with an email. And here you are with a new LO today!

    I love the gray background (like the sweatshirt) and the strips of color underneath that kind of mimic the artwork you can see the tip of in the photo. I love the star, too—to me it’s a big winning star for all of you!