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"Magic Pickup Truck"

We are having a full-blown snowstorm in NJ today and so far our driveway has well over 7 inches!

Because it is Fall and most of the leaves are still on the trees (a majority still green) the snow is heavy on the branches and many have fallen over or cracked and broke.

Not a pretty site... Neither is the traffic on our road - all day cars could not get up the hill. Wheels spinning, cars sideways...........

I wished I had a magic Ugly Pickup Truck!


For this layout I used:

CED Tra La La Collection Mini

JDE Zip Kit : Watercolor New Year

Ro Pickup Truck Special

TYO Flake Flurry Collection Mini

STI Starlight Paper Mini

and my own photos

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Giggle - perfect layout, Marilyn! I love it! Great background and I absolutely love that tree! It is just so hard to believe a snowstorm this time of year, isn't it? Fabulous layout - you did a great job with the "ugly truck" - love everything about your page!

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Oh so true; it's a good thing you had that "ugly" truck! I love your photo background as well as the wonderful -- and pretty - blended background papers.

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fun layout...but i know the storm is not fun stuff...we have no power so left our house so we can stay warm

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What a clever idea to work it into what is going on in the East. Love how you have it going up the hill.

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