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Journalling challenge: the story behind this (layout)

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I decided to take April & B&K Mom's advice and make a layout to include the story behind the layout. It is a meaningful memory for me.




PWR_Acceptance_WordArt_Definition.png (made into a brush, adjusted lighting & opacity of layers)

Original layout & frame:

BMU_HolidayLights Collection

SNU_SSTool_Sanded Black (softened and framed original layout)


Word Art:






I did this layout with the deliberate intent of practicing as many new digital skills as possible. Switching to digital was hard for me emotionally. After two shoulder surgeries and four rounds of physical therapy, I suffered a loss of dexterity and fine motor skills. I found the loss profoundly painful, both physically and emotionally. A friend suggested I try digital scrapping, so I gave it a go. I didn't approach it with the best attitude at first--lamenting the many things that I used to be able to do with ease. After "lurking" in the shadows of the ScrapGirls message board and reading some of Ro's encouraging words of wisdom in the newsletter, I decided to jump in and give it a try. This layout was an exercise in "see what you can do now that you couldn't before." It was an exercise in gratitude, and opened a world of creative possibilities for me. I am thankful now in so many ways for this Purple Place. I've gained friendships and skills and creative outlets that I wouldn't have if I hadn't made that leap. My dexterity is improved--although I'm no kid anymore--but I don't feel limited. I feel blessed.

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Gorgeous and such a great story! Fantastic job with the blending in the background & the pine branch just pops. Great layout.

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Great idea to take their advice; this will be a real keepsake and a reminder of how much you've accomplished. I had seen the original, and love how you incorporated it into this layout. Beautiful job! I like how you put the original on a slant, and the green background looks terrific with it. Great title work, too.

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Jaymee, I"m so glad that you made this layout the "story-behind-the-pic"!

I love this layout and how you placed your other page in a book and brushed the "acceptance" definition onto the background.

Beautiful page and an inspiration to all and how nice for your boys to see, too - how you can turn adversity into a new adventure! :)

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I absolutely - LOVE - the message behind this! Good for you for including it for your own family, but also for sharing this with us. The sermon at our church yesterday was about seeing the glass as half-full and this is certainly a half-full kind of story!

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It's wonderful, Jaymee! Good for you for being open to see the blessings hiding in our challenges!

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