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Nov. Baked Pumpkin Dip

I discovered this recipe last year and it has become a favorite for holiday gatherings!

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Pretty card, Lei - and sounds yummy, too! I love anything pumpkin and this is so neat cooked right inside! :)

I like your photo and blending, too.

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I always think these recipes that bake right in the pumpkin look like so much fun. I really like the greens & the edging.

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Ok, I never in the world would have imagined this one, but I think it sounds irresistible. And such a pretty card too.

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Oh my gosh! Hot Pumpkin Dip! This I will definitely try. As I said before, I love just about anything made with Pumpkin. Yummy! Very nice card and the photo of the Pumpkin Dip looks so good.

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