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This is a revised version of my previous layout. I posted this one because I would like some feedback on which one I should keep for my daughter-in-lawl's scrapbook. I love this month's Scrapgirl's Club! I love the vintage feel to the papers and emblishments. I decided to use it to scrap pages of Grace as a young girl. I chose her engagement photo and another from the same time period. At the bottom I used a photo from when she was 101. Grace is now 102 years young! Of course, I am doing this for my daughter-in-law. I know she will love it, and I am quite confident she will also give a copy to her father and siblings.







SNU_Picturesque_ Emb-Florish2









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They are both gorgeous. I kind of like the title on this one though, and the arrangement (especially the little photo cluster & lace drape) on the other. As Jo says, though - either would be a wonderful gift.

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They ARE both gorgeous, Bess! Gosh, you do pretty work! I think if I had to choose, I would choose this one - I like the way the lace kind of fades into the background in this one and the arrangement, I like better too..........it's very, very hard to choose a favorite from your layouts - they are all so fabulous!


I also think I like this photo of Grace better than the other one......? You think?

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I like both layouts, but I think I like this one a little better. The pair of photos are still soft, but they show up much better in this layout. I might try to put both small vignette photos on the right--the silhouette and face view are both nice. In any case, well done!

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Lovely pages, both well done. I agree with Barbara - the small photos are great - incorporating both of them sounds like a good idea. Whatever you choose - all beautifully done.

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I know that I left a comment here. Those gremlins are acting up again. Oh, well! I'll leave some more love.



Gorgeous. This is such an incredible layout. The photos in the double frame are just beautiful and the little framed photo of Grace at 102 is wonderful. Love the lace, butterfly, flowers, and that gorgeous background. WOW!

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