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Although I have only taken part in one challenge, this seemed a great chance for me to jump in again.

We had water damage to our carpet way back in February (9 months ago) but as there were many people with bigger problems our 'little' job went to the bottom of the pile, that's why I was thrown into chaos when they decided to come at such short notice.

Thank you for the fun challenge. I hope I've done all this uploading correctly. Kay

I used:





    Wow, Kay - are you kidding -- only your second challenge? Never would know it, as it's wonderful!
    I enjoyed your journaling, your photos are great and your blending is fantastic. Appropriate title and I really like how you attached it all together with the string and tag.
    Really a super layout and hope to see more! :)
    Kay this looks awesome! Not the greatest memory of hte exact minute but you will look back on that carpet for years to come and know it was laid on a special date! Your blended photos look great too, especially love how you overlaid ot on the clock and added the journalling tag with the string to help it all flow. Great page! (also I will PM you the info I was sent when I started posting, it helped me!)
    Terrific layout, Kay. I love the way you used the clock to memorialize the time. Enjoy your new carpet.
    Oh, I love this! I like the clock, the photos (glad you took the time to take pictures!) and your wonderful journaling, along with the tag and ribbon. This will be a great way to remember the moment.
    Kay, I cannot believe this is your first challenge! I think you have done a terrific job on this challenge. I love the clock looming over you to remind you that time is running out! LOL We need to see more of your work. You are very creative!
    What a great page! You've really conveyed the chaos of the moment!
    Fantastic work to communicate chaos! Love the journaling, and I am happy it worked out well for you. It was inspired to use that gray color- looks dusty, oldish and works with the photos with the broom and vacuum. Very creative!
    You'll look back and laugh at the chaos! I love that you included the clock on your layout. I'm so glad you are jumping back into the challenges!
    Wonderful layout! I love how you blended the clock into the background and the brushing on the photos. A once in a lifetime topic for a once in a lifetime date - very cool! :-)
    What a great layout. You made order out of the chaos. Love your blending and brush work.