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SS 280 Steelhead

Uses In the Navy Solids and Steel Plate Alpha


The SS 280 Steelhead was my grandfather's boat in WWII. Going through a box of old sub photos I came across what looks to be the directional log for the boat from when it first shipped out of NY newly constructed heading to Pearl Harbor. I thought it would be a nice memento layout to include a scan of part of this book along with a date listing of the activities of the boat until it was decommissioned. The date of April 27, 1943 is two days after the sub officially sailed out of Pearl Harbor to start patrols in Japanese waters.

Photo Information for SS 280 Steelhead

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GREAT idea! It just 'made' this LO. My hat's off to ALL of our servicemen, but especially to those brave submariners. I just can NOT imagine living under water in those cramped quarters. It definitely takes a certain kind of person to be able to handle it, and I admire them greatly. You, like Joyce, are so lucky to have all of this old memorabilia from your relative’s service days. I remember seeing some of my father’s Navy things when I was very young, but it didn’t make it to my adulthood.

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This is great to have the log page and facts about the boat your grandfather served on--getting me inspired to make one of my dad in the service. thanks for sharing this!

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