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Nov Flan

Nov Flan

I like to make Flan for the holidays. and sometimes in between. :)

in this one I made my own measuring cup brush and wooden spoon brush from photos I took of my own stuff.

the rest of the supplies should be in the file info. (if I did it right!)

    FABULOUS!! I would never have thought to take pictures of my kitchen stuff and make brushes.....BRILLIANT!!! And I love the recipe. Flan is a favorite dessert around her!
    sounds yummy :) love your card.
    Beautiful card. I like how you used your own spoons. Looks wonderful. Sounds tasty too. :)
    I adore this card! The colors are fab and your own embellies! Wow, I just love that! Now you are enspiring me to look around to see what I might be able to create... TFS!
    Your measuring cup brushes came out fantastic. Using the spoons as the anchor for your recipe was pretty clever, too. The flan sounds good, too.
    Very cleverly embellished card!!
    I love your measuring photos into brushes. They add such a nice touch. The recipe sounds good.
    Beautiful card; nice brushes! Love flan, so you've made my day!
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I love to buy kits and goodies but sometimes I like to have my own stuff in it as well. We've had to move around a lot so I've gotten rid of loads of my stuff so I remember items with pictures.
    These measuring spoons were my moms. She's still alive but it's a neat reminder of home when family is far away.
    And the flan....well....I just LOVE flan!