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Ro's Newsletter Challenge 19nov11 - Fascinatin' Livin'

There are many things that fascinate me... this is just one of the first that popped into my head. I get the 'idea' behind it all but I will never understand how anyone actually brought that idea to life - science and technology amaze and fascinate me every day.







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Wow, wonderful layout, Jode. I like your 'take' on the challenge and how you journaled it. Your background and blending is so creative and full of interesting pieces that I keep looking and looking and looking...

I like the contrast between the crisp, clear lines and the soft blending and love the question marks dancing all around - just like real questions! :)

I also really like the colors you used - really a standout page.

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This is tres cool, Jode! Love the old photo & inset of computer innards. I know what you mean about the next new thing. My mother always used to talk about how her father thought radio & then tv were the neatest things - so impressive. Her wow thing was the space program - that still just blows her away. I have seen computers & the internet take over the world and the smaller devices are pretty impressive, too (couldn't live without my cell & kindle). I totally bore my nieces & nephews on this topic, but I hope I live to see the next quantum leap in technology.

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I love the retro look you gave the page. Great photos and I like how they look as circles. In fact, all the dots, stripes, cut-outs, have a great techie look that adds so much to your journaling. Wonderful take on the challenge! I love it!

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What a unique way to look at technology. I love your blended photo and the journaling. You can take everything away from me except my internet. (and bathroom :disappearing-smilie:)

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