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Life Moments 11/22 - Learning Taiko

The theme of tonight's Life Moments Crop was "Learning New Skills" - any skill, current or past or future.


I, of course, scrapped about the taiko class I am currently taking...and LOVING! I don't have any photos of myself playing on a taiko - nobody has cameras or phones out during class. So I borrowed a couple photos from the groups' Facebook page, so I could at least show the instrument that I am learning. Also, the text path cutout is actually the notation of the first two songs we learned in class ;)



At the Japanese Festival, the St. Louis Osuwa Taiko group announced they were offering a fall Beginners’ Class. I was intrigued and curious. Could I actually learn to play this magnificent instrument? After much internal mental debating, I signed up for the class. My cousin Ann signed up for the class as well, so at least I wouldn’t be alone! I was extremely nervous heading into the first lesson; I have never played drums or percussion instruments before. But once I hit the taiko for the first time, I was hooked. I loved the powerful “DON” coming from the drum. What a rush! I can do this! No, it isn’t easy. It’s a whole different language and notation from the piano I am familiar with. And it’s very physical; my body aches after each class. But I love it!! As the weeks progress, my knowledge of taiko technique increases, and my confidence grows. All day, every day, I have taiko songs running through my head. A new passion has been born. I am so glad I didn’t talk myself out of this experience!











Fonts: Scrap Casual, Scrap Daddy, Convoy

Photos: courtesy of the St. Louis Osuwa Taiko's Facebook page

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Beautiful layout, Theresa! I thoroughly enjoyed your journaling and love how you used the text path.

Your photos are great and I really like the warm, rich colors you used on your page. Sounds like a wonderful experience! :)

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