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kd lang

kd lang

not sure where to post this one.
my best friend celebrated her birthday this month and my gift to her was
a trip into Brisbane to see kd lang (we are both HUGE fans!) perform the
final concert of her world tour at the Riverstage. What a night!!What a truly
amazing performer!

only products used were -
styles beach house
fade to grey
paper templates - Dated Months

photos were taken on my phone so are a bit out of focus

    Holey Shmoley! Those are close up photos from your phone. You must have had amazing seats. Sounds like it was an amazing time. Great use of the dated months template. TFS!
    Wow, I think your photos are amazing for a zoom camera - from a phone they are even more spectacular!
    I like how you used the templates and how you arranged and blended the photos and gave them center-stage. :D
    thanks for the kind words ladies. the pics were taken without flash by increasing the ISO to 200 on a samsung galaxy s2.
    we were seated in row 7 but halfway through the concert kd asked for people to come down to the stage to dance, she didn't
    have to ask twice, we were there in a second! thats when I took the photos and I guess they did turn out OK since she never
    stood still for a sec. there's no blending in the layout it's just 2 photos side by side, very simple and easy
    You did a wonderful LO --the date makes your pictures really stand out.