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Every year since 1933 (except a couple of the war years) we have had a Christmas Pageant through our streets. It heralds the arrival of the Christmas season and is a major event for locals and tourists alike. Kids spend the whole year looking forward to the Pageant. I read somewhere it is the largest in the world... There are floats including a giant kangaroo and our new pandas, clowns, marching bands and dancing girls, numerous characters - and at the very end Santa. This is his arrival in town and the start of all the kids going to sit on his knee and put in their wishlists. Of course being a biggish city we have more than 1 Santa - but this is the one the kids all want to see!!

I struggled to choose something for this page because we have many beautiful old buildings and lots of history but I wanted to capture that Adelaide is not 'just another city' - we have something really unique! I have seen the Macy's Day Parade but I think this is better... come visit and see!!!








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pics I used were from the Credit Union website who sponsor our Pageant since the original Department Store was bought out

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Oh, Jode this is gorgeous - you are truly on wonderful layout-roll right now! Your colorful layout and pics make me want to visit for sure - and I've been to the Macy's Parade! Must be funny that it's warm though - at Macy's we FROZE! :)

Love how you arranged the photos and the different pieces of background you used.. I also really like the swirls and colorful CHristmas ornaments tying it all together. Super page! :)

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Now this is something I'd love to see!! I love the white background and arrangement of photos. Great job!

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That white background just makes your photos pop! The entire LO put a big smile on my face! You definitely captured the joy and fun of the holiday season! TFS!

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Well, one thing Adelaide definitely had over New York is the weather; it looks like a gorgeous day! This is something I definitely didn't know about your city.


I really like the design (you are so good with white space) especially the red & white pattern & the swirl with the little ornament hanging from it.

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Wonderful Jode. I do love all your LO's and think your layering is fantastic. What fun this looks. Brings back memories of when I took my kids to the Auckland Santa Parade--will have to wait for Grandkids before I go again :)

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This is brilliant, Jode! I love the composition, how you did your title and your journaling really gives a look into a tradition of your area. Nicely done!

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