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November contest Skåne, Sweden

November contest Skåne, Sweden

Here comes greetings from Sweden. I live in the southmost part, Skåne (Scania). This is what summer looks like around here.

I used:



    Thanks for sharing this - so interesting. What a lot of different scenery! The photos are all wonderful. Hanging them was a neat design idea, too. I like the summery background.
    Lovely layout - how beautiful it is where you live! Your photos are so pretty and I like the way you "hung" them.
    I was very happy to get such a wonderful glimpse of your country and to see summer when we are heading into winter, cold and snow!
    Great page! :)
    Beautifully composed photos, and what a great way to display them! Very well done! Thanks for sharing these lovely views of your home country. :)
    What gorgeous photos! I love how you hung them!
    Very nice layout. The hangars are a great way to display the beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.
    What a gorgeous place you live. I like how you displayed all the pictures so it looks like there all hanging on the wall :)
    How beautiful your country is. I enjoyed seeing all your lovely summer photos.
    What wonderful photos of such beautiful places! I like the way you hung each of the framed photos. Thanks so much for showing us a little bit of your part of the world. I hope I can visit Sweden someday.
    Beautiful photo's ~ would love to visit there one day!