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This ended up being a lot more work than I had planned but that was due to the printer printing my 5x7's on 6x8 paper. So I've done a lot of cutting today!


I plan on laminating them but just had to show them off.


Paz is Peace in Spanish.

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Wow, these are really gorgeous! I love the way your letters came out - so elegant! And, what a wonderful idea to put them in the jingle bell holders.

Thanks for sharing! :)

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They are stunning! I love the way your letters look - the elegance of them is just outstanding - love the holders you used for them - how creative!

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Thanks Ladies,

Brandy did all the hard work! lol. I did have loads of fun using some of the shortcuts I learned in Photoshop. Because I made three different words with three different colored backgrounds. So I was masking, re-transforming, layering, styling, and changing the color of the paper and the shadows. Wow, it was so much fun! I did 14 letters in all and had a blast. I even left myself a text note in the PSD file to remind myself of important detail for the next time I use these. I think one of the best things I learned was that I could move a clip-mask from layer to layer. Trial and error can be a good tutor however I still like a good tutorial!

I've got my ribbon ready and just need to laminate a few more and I'll have some on the wall!


Brandy I'd love to see your place cards.

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