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My personal miracle

A picture of my daughter when she was just a baby (I scanned the photo as I did not have any digital camera yet back then).

I used Brandy Murry's White Christmas, Cottage Christmas and Bee's Knees (the frame) collections and Sheri Johnson's Twilight Magic Collection.


I've posted this one in my personal gallery about a week ago, but I just figured, that I do consider my daughter to be a gift in my life. She's our only child (we tried to give her a brother or sister for a couple of years, but in vain), so I do consider myself lucky I have a child. I know some people in my environment who are not so lucky to have one. Having a child makes you more vulnerable, more 'weak', but on the other hand, you're constantly confronted with things you would never have to deal with if you didn't have a child. And that makes you grow in life, as a person. She's not an easy child, she has ADHD, and that is sometimes really tiring, but I love her so much. I would do anything for her.


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That photo is so soft and other worldly, the angel wings are a perfect accompaniment! Love your layering, the crochet and the little bits of sparkle :-) and you look at this just right - we all have things in our lives we can't control but it is how we look at them that makes us better people, and you do this! I think you are both blessed :daisy:

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Beautiful page. I completely understand where you are coming from. We have 4 kids & both girls have ADHD & it is more than a struggle sometimes but there is nothing I wouldn't do for them, our kids are our world.

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This is beautiful. I want to just sit and look at it. What a precious gift, inordinately so because she is your only one. I love the ribbon roses as decorations on the tree. It is almost as if she is nestling beneath your Christmas Tree.

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