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Each year my son, Jason, and his family act out the nativity scene. These pictures are from two separate years. In the first picture Jason is playing the part of Joseph, and Joshua is a shepard. In the second picture Erika is playing the part of Mary, and Caleb is a shepard, and Millie is baby Jesus. Mille is playing Mary in the picture featured at the top. Another child has been added but I was unable to find a photo for the year she was born. Erika told me that they were acting out the manger scene and Millie said, "Mommy, Baby Jesus keeps crawling away." LOL











STI_HolyNight_WordArt_ChristmasTradition (2)

Photo Information for SATURDAY'S CHALLENGE - 12-10-11

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Oh, how funny! It's a great layout. The straw border on the bottom looks great and finished things off well. I like the glow around the title, too. What a nice tradition.

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Beautiful. What a great tradition that your family has started. Great photos and I love how you framed them. And the addition of straw to the page was an inspiration.

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what memories your page brings back, as we used to do this when our kids were little. Great page.. love the torn edges and journalling around the pages.

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