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Fri 12/2 Customer Submitted Challange



Fri 12/2 Customer Submitted Challange

I finally got around to scrapping my customer submitted challenge. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.
Credits: Carnevale Studio Mix created by Miki, sussieM and Lorie.

    Sandy, your layout is a work of art! Beautifully done - you are so artistic! I'm so happy to see you back here!
    That is my daughter's favorite movie too. Pretty page.
    And my dd's favorite as well! I love the colors and the masks!
    This is so cool...awesome!
    This is so great! I love the surreal look of the page, that super photo and the embellishments, and how they all blend together so well.
    Neat! Love the cat & that's a great quote for the season.
    Gorgeous and so whimsical. Love everything about this page!
    Awesome. Really pretty.