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10 down - 10 to go

10 down - 10 to go

I used Angie's "A New Me" Collection - I'm very proud of what I've lost but have a long way to go yet - this is the first full length pic I've let anyone take of me in a long while - I hate my fat profile but it looks better 10 pounds lighter than it did before. These last 10 pounds are just not coming off like the first 10 did. I'm usually pretty small and I'm determined to get back into my size 4 jeans - I'm down to a six now and my goal is to be back in the 4s by summer.

Don't laugh - it's just not me to carry around these extra pounds - I've been too embarrased up til now to post a pic of ALL of me!

I meant to say my goal is to lose 20 pounds and that I had lost 10 - not that I had done it with 20 pounds - don't have time to change the layout now but wanted to clarify that.

    Woo Hoo. Great effort Sara. I love how you have scrapped this wonderful milestone. You look gorgeous. Keep it up. Kay
    Look at you go!! You look amazing and I love the layout!
    Great layout and pic, Sara and congratulations on your hard work! :)
    Congratulations on your accomplishment, Sara - you look great! Give yourself a teeny tiny break over the holiday, then jump back in in January - I know you can do it.
    Well done Sara - keep up the good work.
    Great job, Sara! Keep it up!!
    You look wonderful! What an inspiration!!!
    Lookin' good, Sara! Congrats on losing 10 lbs.! It's a super accomplishment!
    Great for you and yes, I am a little envious, but I will work on it. many blessings!!
    WOOHOO, way to go, Sara!! Congrats on a really feel-good accomplishment. You can do the next 10 lbs., too.