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More than meets the eye: december LO challenge

More than meets the eye: december LO challenge

Don't be fooled. This LO "the greatest gift" isn't merely about a Cricut. I used ALL scrapgirls products on this LO including the template.

the text reads like this:

For Christmas of 2010, my husband bought me a little Cricut machine. I'd just recently been taught the basics of scrapbooking by my cousin, Terri. She had a fancy Expression machine and I fell in love with it. This page is moree then meets the eye, as the Cricut, and getting more into scrapbooking has opened up a new world to me. I've met so many people through the craft. I've also come out of my introverted shell a little. Going to crops,, l;earning new things and meeting new people has changed me for the better. It was more then just a material thing or a hobby. It was friendship and fun.

Write it Down Template Set

Follow Your Bliss Collection Biggie

specific images used from the kit:

    I love the FollowBliss collection. It colors just seemt o always work for me. I am impressed by the red-polkadot paper you used for the picture frames. I seriously would have always used a basic white 'cause that's how polaroids really are. But it would never have worked in this layout! Great job thinking outside the box on this. Hope you are still enjoying your Cricut. My two sisters have them and are constantly doing neat little things way beyond scrapbooking!
    I love your photos and how you framed them. With scrapping, whether paper or digital, you make the best friends.
    What a fun layout, Heather! I love the photos, particularly the one of you in the middle. Your journaling is awesome. Very pretty layout!
    Great photos, especially the middle one! I agree with all you said :-) lovely colours and great arrangement, you have a lovely keepsake here :-)
    Fabulous LO, Heather. I love the fun, cheery colors with a subtle Christmas feel. How true that some gifts are more than meet the eye! I'm glad you've found a community of friends through scrapping (IRL and online!). Great LO.
    Great layout Heather! Wonderful photos and I love the composition. I really like the colors and how you mixed the patterned papers. It all just goes together so nicely! ;)