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2012 begins

OK I haven't finished 2011 ... yet. But I was feeling a bit over whelmed with all the chat of resolutions and goals things I don't usually indulge in. I have in the past given myself permission not to have resolutions because I rarely manage to follow through. But my mind has been racing with things I'd like to do and I had to remind myself that it is "one brick at a time" as we put it at our house. There are so many things I didn't know where to start. You don't know how I love to take advantage of a "new beginning" over and over again. Any how did this layout for this years scrap book and now will turn back to finishing up last years.


I used

ABR Open Your Eyes Paper Blue

BMU SS Paper Back Ground Blender I and II

BMU View embellishment

The praying hands came off the internet.

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What a great layout to begin the new year! Love the soft praying hands in the background of this gorgeous photo! -- You have quoted in your layout, one of my favorite inspiring authors! I like your statement of "one brick at a time". Good luck to you in the new year ahead of new beginnings...and dont forget to breathe along the way. :)

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What a gorgeous layout! Love the quote, and just think, this year we get a whole extra day for leap year! Let's not waste it!

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Wonderful! I love the way you look out on the scene - fresh with new possibilities. I like the one brick at a time philosophy, just keep on keepin' on. Have a blessed and fruitful 2012.

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Lovely page and quote - I really like this! Wonderful photo too :-). Maybe we can share my philosophy for 2012 -' live in the moment'!?! , I am trying to step back and not worry about all the things I SHOULD do, just enjoy where I am at right NOW... :-D

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The hands and the quote..wow perfect. I didn't see the hands at first and when I did it was a little awesome moment. Great job!

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