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These are my goals for 2012...I wanted to get them down on paper so I can look back along the journey and remind myself what I wanted to accomplish for the year.

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When I started my weight loss journey in 2011, the one thing I didn’t do right from the start is
set goals. I was too worried about “sticking with it” this time around. After the first month though
when I lost 20lbs and started feeling better about myself I started setting small goals. First came
the weight loss. I set a goal and celebrated at each 10lb increment. The next goal was exercise.
I kept upping the amount of miles I walked and threw in some other cardio and weight training.

By the end of the year I had reached my original goal of 100lbs, but didn’t reach my adjusted
goal of 140lbs (I ended with 120lbs) I also didn’t reach my goal of finishing the ChaLEAN program
due to an arm/shoulder injury and unexpected surgery. I am though very happy with the mile-
stones I did reach and I’m now ready to set my goals for 2012.

Since I don’t have as much weight to loose this year, my goals will mainly include exercise and
pushing myself to the next level. My goals for 2012 include:

Losing the last 40lbs to make it a total of 160lbs lost. After that anything else that comes off
will be “bonus”. Finish ChaLEAN this time around and build my “boy muscles”. Drink 64oz of
water everyday, with no excuse. And my final goal that I have never said out loud, but
I’m now putting out there for everyone to see is I would love to finish a 5K. I am not a
runner, but I'm using this winter time to build my endurance, and have been
jogging more every day. Hopefully by the end of
2012, I can compete in and finish a 5k.

    Great goals, Angie! And knowing you, I KNOW you will accomplish them! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
    Wow, Angie - this is beautiful and I so enjoyed reading your journaling and sharing in your journey - thank you!
    And good-for-you! Those are impressive numbers and achievements you wrote about - it's not easy and you should be very proud!
    Wonderful layout in every single way! You GO girl! :)
    Wow is right! I am so inspired by you in so many ways!
    What an inspiring LO. Hurrah for you - you have strength I'll bet you never knew you had. I going to keep you in mind when I'm setting goals, whether weight or anything else. It CAN be done.
    Amazing goals Angie! I know you can do AND WILL do it!! (what, a 5k, you trying to make the rest of us look bad???) LOL...

    You have been such an inspiration to me...you have no idea! Thank you!
    Wow! THanks so much for the inspiration, Angie! I'm on it...
    Awesome goals and weight loss Angie. What an inspiration you are to me. Thank you. I can do this, this year.
    You are amazing Angie. It's a great Layout and so motivational. I'm inspired. Well done. Kay
    great layout, and very good goals.
    I have no doubt you'll reach them.
    Amazing, Angie. You have such endurance through the process. It's inspirational. I did a 5K a few years ago. I know you can do it! Thanks for the encouragement to get back to it (injury here as well). Love your collection used here. It's just right.