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My dear girlfriend sent this snowflake to me for Christmas. It was the first snowflake I saw of the season! :) -- I love the delicate detail given! I know it must have taken a bit of time to do this and I am grateful she selected me to receive one!



I was having a bit of an issue finding the right background when it landed on the black. I know its not "traditional" colors but someway I liked it. And then I read that it was to be (2) pictures --- funny how so many of us didnt see the number - lol --- so went back and added the addition small photos. Gosh, now that I think about it ... I hope the directions were for two or more! ;) TFL!







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Yes, they were and wow, this is such a stunning layout, Jo. I wondered how you were going to scrap your photo and you did it in such a gorgeous way. I LOVE the black background - really pops the beautiful handmade snowflake.. And, I really like your strip of photos and how you flipped them - ingenuous and so awfully pretty! I also really like your title and the snowflake close-up in the corner. I can see it's quilled.....

Really lovely... :)

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Oh, gosh! I love the dramatic colors. The red & white look spectacular against it. The snowflakes are very pretty and I really like your design - the line of duplicate photos looks great.

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Superb LO! Dramatic is all I can come up with & I see that's exactly what others have mentioned -- must be true then. :)

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