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Samuel's First Day of Sunbeams

Samuel's First Day of Sunbeams

I haven't used styles very much in the past...so I'm trying to experiment more with them. Here I used the "Pencil Drawing" style in PSE8. But it looked too bland. I couldn't see the facial features very well. So I put the pencil drawings over the original photo and took the opacity of the pencil drawings down a bit to let the picture show through.

The big picture was similar, except that I used the BGBlenders brush separately on each layer. I tried merging these two layers together...but when I did that it changed the look entirely. Not sure why that was. More experimentation needed!

The final actually has his classmates in the photo frames instead of repeating him...but I didn't feel okay about putting their pictures up without parental permission...but it is really cute with the different kids in the frame.

    Well, I didn't see the one with his classmates, but I like this one a lot. Great idea to use "Sunbeam" yellow for a background! I think he's adorable and love seeing him repeated in the frame. The styles turned out great! I like your strip across the bottom, too.
    So sweet! Love your photo and what you did with it - looks great and most certainly not like a first try. :) I love your warm background and brushwork and the date strip on the bottom.
    Wonderful layout! :)
    Exceptional LO! What an exciting day for this young guy & you've done some really cool things here. Great job!
    Great job with the styles and super LO!
    Terrific work with the styles. First day is always so exciting.
    I think the styles work well with this page. I like the date strip too - fun detail.
    Great job with the styles! I absolutely love the date strip! He's a cutie!
    The treatment you've given the photos is great and I love theh gold and maroon colour combo.
    The technique worked great - your images look very nice, with that little bit of texture. Neat calendar border, too.