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Task 4 Rudolph

Hope I'm doing this right!



5 photos taken by moi

ABR_WWishes_Spec_Stripe-Red - darkened and rotated

Pine needle background from Denise Hennessy, Signs of Christmas - darkened and rotated

STI_Cruising_Paper_Special (http://store.scrapgirls.com/product/9293/cruising-Collection) - used as mat

PJO_ProjectMemories_Christmas_northpole_sign - North Pole

PJO_ProjectMemories_Christmas_green ribbon - turned red


Snow bank from stash

Font: "Island of Misfit Toys" by Steve Ferrera

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Hi Smoky - well, I just asked you but my question is answered that you're playing Jumpstart January! Great layout and sure loks wonderful to me.

I love your pretty dark background and how your page glows. Your photos are great and your ornaments adorable. Wonderful page. :)

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How absolutely adorable! I missed watching Rudolph this year! I really like the stripes in the background!

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I think you did a great job too! The striped borders add the perfect touch to your layout! Ties so nicely in with Rudolf! -- Glad you are joining us in Jumpstart January!

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What a cute title! It's a really neat layout - I like the arrangement of your photos. The ornaments are just too cute!

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This is so good! I like your background stripes and the sparkle you put behind the lower left figures - it looks like xmas tree needles!... but your extraction is wonderful! And those photos are just superb - are they touched up or are you just a wonderful photographer? I look forward to seeing many more of your pages :-)

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Absolutely adorable. I love the expression on Rudolph's face in the top photo, so cute. Your ornaments are so cute and I love your layout. Love the stripes down the sides of the page and that gold frame. The black paper really makes it glow. Just like Rudolph's nose.

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