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Task #4: Loloata Island


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Task #4:  Loloata Island

I used


I merged my first photo and the extract of my second photo. Then I applied a Corel PSP mask frame, recoloured the frame with a selection from the St Croix Sand background paper and then merged the photo and frame into the background paper using the eraser tool at 100% opacity for the centre of the photo and 24% for the sand edges. I used Sand Font as a template for my title and then erased the the title into the backgound paper at 65% opacity to give it a sandy look. I used an emboss effect on my sand background to frame the photo.

    What a neat page! I love how it looks like the sand has been brushed away to reveal that gorgeous photo. Beautifully done!
    Very pretty! I love how you treated that photo!
    What a great design! The embossing on the sand was such a clever idea - I will have to remember that, for sure. Great idea, too, to use the sand to frame your pretty seaside photo. Favorite!
    I feel like I'm peeking into paradise! What a cool technique! Thanks for sharing how you did it!
    Love this! Looks like a secret paradise has been revealed. The sand treatment is wonderful!
    You've applied some really cool techniques here! I can tell you really had fun playing with the layers--Well done!
    Amazing how you did this! So beautiful, I wish I was there now!
    very cool - love it!
    Very pretty, it looks like a beautiful place and I love the pink flowers.
    Wonderful LO and thanks for telling how you did it.