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Jan 2012 AT1 "The Year I Was Born"

Jan 2012 AT1   "The Year I Was Born"

My Dad was a huge Brooklyn Dodger fan and delighted when his team was World Champions in 1955. I was born in early 1956 and my Mom says when Dad wanted to watch the game he'd say, "I'll feed the baby" since he could do that AND sit in front of the TV. We all say that's how I became a big baseball fan. It was a big disappointment when the Dodgers lost to their rival Yankees in 1956. Hopefully, I made up for it! :)

For this ATC I used:
ABR Batter Up Collection
Internet Photos

    Marilyn I adore this!! What a wonderful story and what superb pictures! That Yankees/Dodgers badge is just wonderful! Love the muted retro photo and I can only imagine the blue has significance - team colours maybe? I totally totally love this card... you are definitely tempting me!!!
    Wonderful! Love the blended background of the old stadium. What a great story!
    Super LO Marilyn. I was raised a Detroit Tiger fan & know how Dad's can be about watching those games. Times, they sure have changed -- used to be someone stayed with the same team for years & years, maybe their whole career. I was really attracted to your LO because of the big baseball & had to zoom in closer. Thanks for the memory!
    What a great card - and journaling on this ATC !! Love this! Thanks for sharing.
    What a great card! I love the journaling and the photos. Go Yankees!
    Hmm... I see what you meant when you commented on Jane in NZ's card, lol. I love the photo of Ebbet's Field in the background and all the details you added to the card. Great idea!
    I really like this card. Love the blended background with the filling station and the cars. The baseball brings back great memories.When my son was born in '72 I was in a antique store (how can that be???) and found a little child size 2 jacket with baseball logos of all the teams in the mid 50s. He loved the Dodger one so much (it was on the front and just the right place to be looked at and handled) that I was constantly restitching it. Sadly, now, no Brooklyn Dodgers or Washington Senators - I do still have the jacket. You've made me decide to find it and photograph it.
    Oh how funny it is so like my ATC ---great story :)
    Great ATC Marilyn! I love your journaling.
    Love the card. I remember when the Dodgers were the Brooklyn Bums. Love the photo of Ebbets Field blended into the background. And what a great picture of the Yankees/Dodgers card (or is it a badge?). Priceless.