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12/29 Challenge: Balance

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I finally got my one word layout done: BALANCE.

Maybe I should have tried for TIMELY? Maybe next year!


This was a good exercise for me. "Balance" is a good focus point for me this year while I work the kinks out of the working mom thing. It was also cool to go through all my scrap embellies looking for appropriate charms. FUN!








ABR_ANewMe_Emb (dumbbell, shoe)

BMU_BonAppetit_Herbs_Basil.png copy 10




BMU_SSEMB_TrinketCharms (compass, cross, flower,heart, mouse, teacup)






SNU_Picturesque_Emb_(Ribbon, brad)







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I love how you have done this. BALANCE is also my word. I have not done a layout yet. I think your layout is extremly clever and very pretty.

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Oh, Jaymee - it's WONDERFUL - I love how you so thoughtfully scrapped your one word. So creative to "balance" all the parts to your life and put them in order!

I really like the embellishments you chose and your word art and how you placed the clock/"time" underneath it all. I also really like how you framed your page - truly lovey! :)

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Kinks, indeed, Jaymee! I love your take on balance! When I first saw your word, I pictured a woman with 30 arms "balancing" everything but I love how you've scrapped this! Perfect embellies for your word - I can so relate to your layout!

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This is amazing! It's clever, creative, and beautifully done! Wow. I am truly impressed with how you put this together, including your clock-plate at the bottom. I also love the way the whole page is balanced, too, as a reminder. Just wonderful! PS: love the ladybug!

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This is awesome!! Great word choice Jayme! Clever use of the candelabra...I like the way the whole layout is framed. Well done!! Thank you for participating!!

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I really enjoyed looking at all your little charms and trinkets and what they represent - well done. (love your little ladybug)

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