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ATC_The year I was born

ATC_The year I was born

I had such a laugh reading this article in the May addition of the Housekeeping Monthly.

I wonder how many women actually did all this although I do remember my Mum doing some of these :)

This is just a selection of some of the things a GOOD WIFE should be doing in 1955 :)

I used BMU_Yesteryear

    Oh, this is so funny - I laughed too! Great ATC Jane.. I love your photo and the article excerpt. I always laugh watching the old TV shows here and how the wife is so subservient to the husband.
    Great job! :)
    Oh, goodness...that really is too funny! Love the vintage feel of your card, and that picture is a hoot!
    What a hoot! Love the high heels! I think my Mom was working full-time in 1955, but she did manage to make dinner from scratch every night. How, how, how? Cute ATC.
    "...try to understand his world of strain and pressure..."


    Great card, Jane!
    Oh my ... Is that June Clever in the photo?? Just kidding!! But I think she and Harriet Nelson were the poster mom/wife!! Cute card, Jane!!
    There is no way I would have made a good wife in 1955! I love this, though and that collection is prefect for it!
    "...offer to take his shoes off." Yeah, and then bean him with them. This is just too funny, but I know a lot of women did this. My Aunt Rose for one. She was a housewife, not a 'stay at home mom'. I've been watching Father Knows Best reruns and I love how Jane Wyatt was the perfect Mom and is right up there with June Clever and Harriet Nelson. Love the card.