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Jan 2012 AT2 "Elvis"

Jan 2012 AT2   "Elvis"

As a little girl in the 60's I, of course knew of Elvis Presley, but had no idea that his first single was recorded a month before I was born or that he was popular in the 50's!
Journaling reads:
"Heartbreak Hotel" recorded by American rock and roll musician Elvis Presley, was released as a single on January 27, 1956 and was his first number one pop record..
It topped Billboard's Top 100 for seven weeks, was number one on the Country & Western chart and reached number five on the R & B chart, becoming Presley's first million-seller and the best-selling single of 1956."

For this ATC I used:
KSC Breathe Collection
JCO Super 7 Spread
SNY Brush Set: Painted
Internet photos

    Who doesn't love Elvis? Great blending of the main photo.
    Eden's right - great blending! Beautiful card!
    Oh, how I miss Elvis! Wonderful card, Marilyn! Love your blending of his photo! Elvis' birthday is Jan 8, the day before mine so I've always felt a kindred spirit with him for some reason!
    Great job blending the background photo! Such a great shade of green, too.
    Ah...Elvis. The King. Those extractions are great, and I love your blending! Wonderful ATC!
    Love the blending - I loved Elvis (still do) - although I share a birth month with him I am sad that I was born the same year he died. Would love to have seen him in concert & I used to watch all of his movies with my mom.
    Oh, yes....I so remember Elvis and his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show...quite a scandal! But your card isn't...it's wonderful!
    Funny how we both did layouts/ATC's on Elvis. He was wonderful. I love your card and the photos of Elvis are great, especially the one you blended into the background. Love the 45 that you added to the card. I still have a huge bunch in my closet. Someday I've got to get them out and play them. Yes, I still have a record player and the little yellow plastic thingies that you put in the hole of the 45. Too funny!
    What a great photo you used to blend into the background. He was an amazing singer. I love the shade of green you used!
    Love the blended picture and the great colors! Be still, my heart, LOL! Great touch with the 45 rpm!