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Week 52 - Christmas Day

Week 52 - Christmas Day

Almost there....

We had our traditional Danish Pastry breakfast and opened some presents before we got ready to go to church. The choir sang beautifully. After church I got the roast in the oven and we opened the rest of the presents. Cathrine and I went out on a walk, and when we came home, I noticed one of the keys was gone from the mailboxes. We checked our mail and we found a box from Patty, so we had more presents to open! We do a simple dinner of prime rib, cheesy potatoes and green beans for our Christmas dinner because I don't want to spend the whole day cooking. We had a relaxing and enjoyable day- though we missed our Annette.

Thanks for looking!

    Oh boy, you are so close to finishing! Wowzer! Pretty green page for Christmas. Looks like a great holiday!
    Love the pj's. Great photos. I like the Christmas embellishments that you used.
    Photos are great and those pastries look SOOooo yummy!