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Task 9: A Rare Moment



Task 9: A Rare Moment

Semperfi JRE
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    cute - reminds me of our cats. They are rarely together (unless you count the times they wart & chase each other!). They have lived together since '05 so you'd think they'd get to at least liking each other! Fun LO - I really like the cat figure & the creased hearts
    Glad you were able to capture that rare moment. Nice journaling and love the diamond cat.
    Well worth grabbing the camera! We have 2 cats now and they are a bit like that - so one is in and one is out... lol! The white one looks ready to biff the other one ... Fun pics and great embellishments :-)
    What an auspicious occasion! Was it cold outside? I have two like that--they are like inlaws. One is mine, one is my husband's. They both sleep at our feet on our bed--on opposite sides. They share a fondness for the third kitten and the children, but use separate bathrooms.

    ...but when it gets cold--really cold--they have been caught snuggling! LOL!
    Cute page! I like your photos and how you used the cat embellishment. Enjoyed your journaling, too! :)
    Love the photos and the journaling great embellishments.
    The white cat is such a brat! LOL I'm sure she took a swat at the other one at some point after this photo, but I can't remember exactly what happened after the picture. Sounds like something she'd do.
    I'm glad you caught this moment with your camera! I love the cluster of photos and embellishments!
    cute layout..fun to capture a special moment!
    I'm glad you had the camera ready! Fun layout! I like the way you put paper into the cat silhouette.