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JJ Task #9 - Travel

I don't have any KITS I haven't used at least part of - or so I thought! I found this one by (I think) Caroline Kaiser called A Tour across Europe which I bought with great intentions and then never did anything with... oops! So I used it as well as products similar to the ones I listed that I want but don't have... Brandy's Holiday Magic paper instead of Coastal Collection, an old map instead of her paper.... all the other stuff are things I had stored away and never used either...! Maybe I should keep looking... :blush:












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Another dreamy layout, Jode! Love how you framed his eye and the placement of all the embellishments. The subtle journaling near the bottom is very sweet.

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Wonderful page, Jode - I glanced at the MB and actually recognized Aidan from the little thumbnails! I really love the dreamy lovely quality to your page and photo and how Aidan's eye is peeking through the square, like ready to travel into life. I also really like your blended background and the words you used. As always, I enjoy reading your notes about how your LO was created. Great page! :)

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Just... WOW! Love this LO. Framing his eye is something I would have never have thought of, but its so cool!

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What a wonderful picture of Aidan. Gives a misty impression of all the possibilities the future may hold for him. Beautifully done.

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Wow! I just noticed this; can't imagine why I missed it. It's wonderful! I love the subtle way you've conveyed Aidan's thoughts and dreams. Into my favorites!

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Beautiful layout Jode. You are the Queen of muted colours. I'm intrigued by your treatment of the photo, I'd be interested to know how you did that.

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