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St. Patricks Cathedral Nativity

St. Patricks Cathedral Nativity

I took this photo while visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral Christmas 2010. I didn't get down into Manhattan this year to take my annual walk around the city. So much was going on, I just didn't have the time and then it was January 7th when all the decorations come down. Next Christmas for sure I'll take my walk again.

The photo is of the Nativity in the cathedral. As you can see, the baby Jesus had not yet been placed in the crib, so I'm sure it was before Christmas that it was taken. I just realized that you can't see the crib, it's behind one of the Wisemen.

The layout started out as JJ 2012 Task 9, but I couldn't find anything in the other collection that would go with this. So I'm uploading it into the Holiday gallery.

Supplies used:
ERA Silent Night Collection -- Paper Starry Sky, Paper Overlay WiseMen

    Carol, I love, love, love this! It's a fantastic photo, the paper and the Wise Men overlay are just perfect. Beautiful!
    Wow what a wonderful photo, that must be a really gorgeous nativity - I really like the contrat of the wise men. So beautiful!
    Carol, this is sooo beautiful. I really like the way you added the wise men going toward the nativity.
    Stunning layout. Awesome color. WOW!!