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Clown - 1/13 Customer Chal.



You loved the excitement of the circus; the balloons, elephants, tigers, lights, music and toys. But - you were very wary of the clowns. Your little chin began to quiver when this clown came close and stayed long enough for Mom to take a picture.


First time to use Julie White's Circus on Parade.


JWH Circus on Parade

BMU Zoomba

BMU CurledUp

AFT Jubilant


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It's a perfect collection to use with that adorable picture! I love the expression on his face, and the "send help" had me laughing out loud. I like the colors of your layout -- so festive and fun.

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Such a great layout! Had to laugh at "send help" - my chin would've been quivering, too! I like how the balloon string covers the journaling, yet it's still easy to read.

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biggrin.gifWhat an adorable photo. I also think the 'Send help' is such fun. Lovely fun and colorful layout. Brought a smile to my face.

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Beautiful page!! I love the bright colors. Great folded paper and that stitched blue scalloped border is perfect to edge the photo and matches the blue in the photo so well!! The journaling tells the story of the photo. Well done!


My DD (almost 18) is TERRIFIED of clowns...it's really bad if she sees one...and friends have been known to play pranks on her. (one recently showed up in a clown costume @ work, and even though she knew it was him...she was soooo upset!!)

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