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Pathway to the Winter garden

Pathway to the Winter garden

Heres the left side.

Journaling reads:
I am enticed this morning to walk past the bird feeders that provide such wonderful but passive views of nature. Enticed to follow the path that leads to the back woods. Enticed by the sunshine and blue sky so untypical of MN winters. My camera stops to notice winter flowers. The purple coneflower no longer shows color but still opens to allow birds access to its seeds. Bright red berries hang from the bushes. So the Cedar Wax Wings have not devoured all of them yet meaning they might return. Gardening equipment stacks against the shed in winter repose. I see an eagle fly over head and note a deserted birds nest high above the roof of the house. And then I come to

I used
JDE Watercolor Winter for Back ground
BMU Background Blenders 1 and 2
JRE Relfections of the Heart Frame
Lettering Delights becca Font.

    love the journaling...and this midwest weather! beautiful 2 page layout! love the big photos that take up the whole page...and the smaller photos embedded in, nicely done!
    Beautiful journaling. I love your photos.
    What a great idea to present your winter garden. Love it!
    So beautiful! What a great way to enjoy a winter garden!
    Beautiful page and fabulous journaling!
    Lovely photos, background blending and journaling. Really a gorgeous page! :)
    What beautiful and personal page. Love the large photos along with your journaling.
    Beautiful! Fabulous journaling!
    Awesome photo and blending for the background. Great journaling. I like the fact that you even had a photo af the garden tools.
    This is a lovely pair of pages, Pat. Your journaling draws attention to the smaller photos, as well as focusing on things the camera didn't see - a wonderful way to preserve your memories and share them with others. I especially like the way your photos capture the subtle colors of the trees. When I was much younger, I thought that winter was all gray, until an artist (mother of a friend) pointed out the rose and peach and lavender among the gray and brown twigs and branches. What a revelation that was!