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Weeks 1 & 2 for My Project 52

Well here is my first Project 52 page. Posting with trepidation and hope that I complete this project.

Date frames were created by me with the shape tool and SG papers clipped to them. I plan on using them through the entire project. Hope I still like them by the end.

Items used:






Sidewalk & Caslon

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Oh, how creative and I really like your date frames! I also really like your photos - how clever to use a pic of the definition of resolution as week 1!

Great start. :)

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I love the way the paper is used for journaling as well as matting the photos. And that is a great idea to photograph the dictionary definition of resolution!

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Wow, how clever. I love the photo, journaling and the dictionary page that looks like it's under a magnifying glass.

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I really like those frames too. And neat photos. Fantastic start to the year. You can do it! We're here to keep you motivated. :) Just think, keep posting and you increase your odds for a prize.

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Inspired! Loving the quote and how the edges are faded to draw attention to the definition (intentional or not it looks wonderful!)... And I love the fact that you took an everyday moment and made it special - we don't get frost like that here (not often anyway) so to me that is special... and if it reminds you of that week then it is doing it's job! It may seem overwhelming to find something to take photos of each week but if you start taking your camera everywhere and just snap away you will find you can do it! People will be floored when they hear why you need the photos so don't be shy! And don't be intimidated by other people having more photos - those of us with kids are just thankful for somewhere to include all the photos we take of the kids that we can't bear to delete but will never get round to scrapping! One photo a week is a great motivator :-)

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