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Task 14: Oh! Brothers (and Sister)

Task 14:  Oh! Brothers (and Sister)

As soon as I saw Brandy Murry's One Yellow Paper layout in the newsletter, I knew I really wanted to study it. One Yellow Paper

I'm still working on the scrapbook for my inlaw's 50th wedding anniversary last Thanksgiving. It was quite a family reunion, on such a special day. We managed to get some great photos, and I know they'll be treasured keepsakes. This layout is of the three siblings, all grown up. I wish I had some childhood photos of them to add--that would be neat.

To make this layout truly unique I added a chipmunk. All during the photo shoot Uncle Dan was grousing about the chipmunks on his deck, threatening much violence against all of rodent kind. This one little guy just wouldn't take a hint, or maybe he was all about teasing Dan! At any rate, he was just not going to go away. I noticed while other family members were being photographed that Dan was showing the little chipmunk to his one year old DGS. Big softie! (Grandbabies will do that to a guy!)

    Oh how lovely! I love the story about the chipmunk and including one in your LO will raise a smile from everyone I'm sure. I love the way you've blended the photo into the bg. BTW - I too think scraplifting is a really good way to study a designers technique - it sounds more complementary too!
    Love the colors you used!!! So Pretty!
    A lovely photo and a great story. I hope you decide include it in a layout sometime soon. I'm alsoa big fan of the colours you've used, they work well with your photo.
    Oh, I just love this, Jaymee - I love the way you've stacked the papers for that lovely photo! Your colors are fabulous together and I love the pretty cluster of flowers - I like the tab with the date on it - very well done layout and lovely picture!
    Awww.. This is so sweet Jaymee and your photo is wonderful! I enjoyed reading your notes and have been truly loving watching your special album grow.
    I really like your beautiful blending and embellishment cluster and I especially like your title and colors used. Wonderful page, as always! :D
    Love the chipmunk story. I really like your word art. Did you make it yourself? Lovely layout.
    Fantastic layout Jaymee! Great photo, beautiful blending, and I love the layering and the colors. Wonderful scraplifting!
    Beautiful layout and sweet story! The blending of the photo into the stacked papers is great. I like how you added the names to your beautiful cluster. I agree with Eden--including your story in a layout would be so nice.
    Fabulous LO and I like how you tucked the date in and their names too, the blending is great. very warm inviting colors! (I look to scraplift)
    Just love everything about this! The rich colors, your blending of a really wonderful photo, embellishments, and title! Just great!