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TASK 9 - Aunt Trudy's Bag

TASK 9 - Aunt Trudy's Bag

My Great Aunt Trudy was a wonderful woman. She had no children of her own so, she would occasionally spoil me - to my mother's chagrin. When I visited after getting married she sent my husband and I home with a quilt she had made for me 15 years before (her husband was appalled - her response was that I'd get married someday). She loved Blue - particularily Baby Blue. That same trip she sent me home with some formal gowns and accessories. I put all of it in the back of closets and cabinets and forgot about it - since her taste in fashion was not mine. So, while getting ready for the Black Tie Dinner (a charity dinner that benefits the Human Rights Council) that my husband I attend yearly with friends - I had spent the day getting my nails done, my hair done, my make-up done. The dress had been hanging in the closet for months (usually I was picking the dress up the day of the event from having been tailored). I found perfect shoes the week before - so when I went downstairs to put my lipstick in my bag - imagine my panic when I realized I didn't have a bag!!! Nothing like being in a formal gown and rooting in cabinets. Aunt Trudy must have loved my blue dress because the bag fell out on me - it was still wrapped in the cloth bag she kept it in and insitsted that I'd need it someday. That someday came...in November 2010.

Truthfully, I think I'll redo the layout with the journaling above and maybe a different picture - but not tonight.

I used: Brooch Template (VRA); Flourished Photos (SNU); Very Vintage (SNU); Beaute Botan (KSC)

    Gorgeous dress -- and the bag is perfect with it. I guess Great Aunt Trudy was looking out for you! I love the vintage-looking background you chose for those lovely photos, and I especially like the close-up of the evening bag. Wonderful journaling, too.
    Lovely bag and dress. You look so grand. Love the colors of the layout.
    Love that background paper!!! The girl you can't forget indeed! Not with that superb handbag... I loved reading your journalling both on the layout and off, you have a great way with words :-) The bag is beautiful, and the sparkles work so well with it, make sure you keep the bag and the photos the star if you rework it!
    What a beautiful bag and your photos are gorgeous. The background is awesome!
    Enjoyed your story. Your pictures really grab the attention! But also Love how you have the purse dangling under your photo trio!
    What a neat story and layout.
    What absolutely gorgeous photos! I love the story behind the purse and I think you should definitely add that to your layout some time!
    A layout about a purse...and it works. I liked your story and the page is beautiful!
    Oh, you look so glamorous! Love that dress! Also love the background paper and all the sparkly things. Definitely add the full story - it's great.
    great photos & I like that handbag!