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Week 2

Week 2

Had a quiet week. Not so much happening.

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    Your quiet week looks fun to me, Belle! I love your great photos - those children are just so beautiful, but "OUCH!" for Bianca, :( Love your new haircut and Nikki looks so proud to be in a new grade. I enjoyed your journaling and love the scalloped edges and lavender ribbon and dividers on your page. Great layout!
    PS and wow.. I sure would have loved to go so school barefoot - that's my style! :D
    LOVE your new haircut, Belle! And of course I always love seeing the sweet, sweet Bianca and Nikki! What a fun week you've scrapped! Can I please come visit? PLEASE!
    Sometimes the quiet, uneventful weeks are the best. So happy to see you taking charge of sg52 for 2012 too!! Love it :)
    What a wonderful page for your project! It's a labor of love I know, but in the end you will have one fabulous scrapbook.

    PS I love seeing your babies... :wub:
    This is a quiet week!?!?! ha ha.. so many wonderful moments here to scrap... all of them worth a mention :-) I love Nikki's starting school pic, she looks so ready! The barbie photos are a milestone, the new haircut looks great, the sore too will be a distant memory soon and Bianca will want to look back and see how 'ouchy' it was... the everyday moments are often the best and you have lots of fun ones here! Love the purple frame and ribbon against the khaki too :-)
    Ouch poor toe, Love Nikki's dance! Great photos.
    So lovely! Love the photos and how you are placing in the template! And I am assuming that a braai is like a barbecue here.