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la maison dans la campagne

la maison dans la campagne

For task #13/14, I tried to scraplift Joyce Schardt's "This Old House", a near impossible task for me. I'll probably re-do this one later, as I'm not really happy with it. These aren't the photos of the house that I wanted to use, but I just couldn't make the other ones work. Constructive criticism welcome!

SG_ANarrative_Paper_COL_Green - slightly darkened
Handkerchief by Mo Jackson
PJO_ProjectMemories_Christmas_ribbon_hanging_large - green ribbon
SNU_Noteworthy_EmbSpecial coordinates with Noteworthy - used for frame
EBA_Homebody_Emb_Clusters_Special coordinates with Homebody - key
BMU_Mossy_EMB_Vine - berry vine
Fleur-de-lis from stash
Font: Pristina

The journaling reads:
The house was built circa 1903. It was first owned by aunt Marie LeBourgeois. In 1949, my great-grandparents bought it and lived there until their last days. It was built more in the French Creole style, rather than Acadian. It was raised 3 feet on brick pilings. The fireplaces were all double-sided. As a child, I would crawl from room to room through them. The 12 foot ceilings were helpful on hot summer days
in the non-air conditioned house, but very hard to heat. On some winter days, the front room was cold enough to hang meat. The smell of cypress permeated everything in the house. I often come across inherited things in my house that smell faintly of cypress. In 2004, MaMa Nit died at age 101. We emptied the house and drove away for the last time, leaving part of our hearts behind.

    Uh oh! Forgot to add the link to Joyce's "This Old House".
    I like your photos and background blending and the soft colors you used.
    Your journaling got to me. Beautiful! I love your photos and pretty embellishments, too. I can see why Joyce's wonderful layout inspired this one, but you've made this one yours with your own special memories.
    This is such a pretty layout, with such amazing memories.
    Therese! What would you change!?! I love the way you lifted this! The green is gorgeous, and the ribbon is wonderful.... I like the black and white photos as they give a feeling of age - tying the family home to your grandparents and distant aunt... I assume you took green from your memories of the surrounds? I like the berry vine and I think the frame hanging on the ribbon looks wonderful... If you were thinking of any changes I would only suggest possibly isolating the green in the photos if they were colour to tie them in with the green accents some more? Only a suggestion... I do love what you have already! And one question: have you put shadows in? That may be what is bugging you... :-)
    I think you did a wonderful job with this. I absolutely love your journaling.
    You may have struggled doing it, but the LO turned out to be quite fabulous to say the least. What a wonderful memories, TFS!
    I think you did an awesome job on this...like placement of vine especially.
    I love the layers and ribbon. The vine is a great touch, too! Those photos are beautiful, even if they aren't the ones you intended to use!
    I think you did a wonderful job. Your journaling is lovely. How sad you had to leave this home. I feel the same way about my Grandmothers house. I still wish I could buy it.