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January layout-ugh


Amy Sauke

January layout-ugh

I am not very excited about this page at all, but not sure what to change...the pics don't have a common theme, but want to put them together for this project. I tried to revamp the 12x12 template of the paper January as well, but the whole page just doesn't flow...CC welcome and encouraged.

SNU_SSPaper_OnEdgeMonths_1-January (modified for 8.5 x 11)

    I love the colors you chose - the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is maybe brighten up the yellow background paper to match the yellow of the legos, the pictures are such nice colors that might help punch it up a bit! Love how you modified the 12x12 template!
    Ah lego - the great unifier and the great divider! We have lego fun here too and the related squabbles! I like the brightness of the photos but I see what you are saying... I have been looking at the page and thinking how it could flow better... Just as a suggestion why don't you try putting the photo of the lego and Isaac up the top side by side and journal about them both underneath... then put the photos of Keturah side by side at the bottom and journal above them... keep the border and the colours (brighten up the yellow!) and just add something to draw the page together- a ribbon swirling through or something bright like both sets of photos... even a title eg week 1 or week 1&2... I like the January paper and your journalling, you just need to tie them together and it will be a winner! This is a great start :-):2468who-do-we-appreciate:
    Ouch, love the snack tho I hope she wins. Great job on the LO!
    Those staples look painful. I love when kiddies play with lego. Great journaling.
    Wow, great job on re-sizing the January paper! The colors are wonderful with your pics!