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Project SG 2012 Cover Page

Alright, I'm joining in. I failed miserably last year. Gonna take the pressure off and do monthly pages. This is the cover, and I'll do my first photo page when January is done. I don't take that many photos anyway, unless there's a special occasion or vacation. I need to be better about that too...


I put this collection together to help me get my own scrapping done - and I used lots of different colors so that I can coordinate with photos and/or tie them together into a color scheme. And I can easily pull in elements from other collections to match. It should be easy to work with a broad color scheme as this is, and it will end up looking uniform, even if I go with other styles.


8.5x11 Life Keeping Collection Biggie

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Photo Information


A lovely front page elisha. I too failed miserably, partly because as the year went on there seemed to be less and less to photograph. I toyed with the idea of doing a monthly page, and spurred on by your example, I think I will.

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